About Us

Let’s start with the primary goal.
Creation of far-reaching and enduring awareness and knowledge
about health topics and personal health experiences
featuring physicians, nurses, subject experts, activists, topic-followers and
contributors (such as patients with invaluable experiences to share on their health
challenges and triumphs), and supporters
with video as the central medium for user-generated content and activism.


HealthCosmos equips patient advocacy groups, medical practices, hospitals, and
others with a health video education and advocacy program that combines video,
commentary, activism, and education.

We started by building the MS patient and physician community, soon extending
the Cosmos to health and fitness, diabetes, mental disease, pathology, urology, and
others, with many more “cosmos” yet to come.


Our roots are in making hundreds of videos, on the streets of many cities,
interviewing people with a story to tell about their health. You can watch these on
We then went on to create award-winning health-and-wellness productions that
have educated and inspired audiences on TV, desktop, and mobile screens.
And now we are focused on providing the principle-driven, and guided platform and
tools for anyone to tell his or her health story and create a community around it, one
that inhabits what we call the health cosmos.

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